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A common question we hear as an industry leader is, 'What computer processor should I buy?' If you're one of them, prepare to give your computer a serious performance boost. Propel your system with one of our CPUs and computer processors, key CPU components that can make a significant difference.

We stock every computer processor type to meet casual and competitive gamers' needs. Please contact our top-notch customer care team for improving your computer performance with the fast computer processor. We will also help you in selecting and deciding to buy processors that are the fastest and most suitable for you.

Explore Our Computer CPU for Sale Collection

We have the fastest computer processors from major manufacturers. Dual-core processors and Octa-core desktop processors are a few of the many options that we have. AMD processors are available if you want to speed up your computer processor. Additionally, an Intel processor solves your problem of frequent computer processor failure while staying in the budget. Computer CPU for sale means the price drops significantly not the quality.

Premium Computer Processors: The Way to Go

The gamers and content developers need more than a standard computer processor. These demanding apps and high-definition visuals call for a lightning-fast computer processor. Knowing which computer processor is best for your needs is even more crucial. Check out our selection of state-of-the-art CPUs. Our computer processors have mind-blowing clock rates and the latest features. Choose several and get in touch to learn more.

Still Confused About Where to Buy CPUs From?

It is critical that you have the recent computer processor installed in your machine. Your position or responsibilities should not decide the level of your CPU. Because the recent CPU is cost-effective and safeguards your system against the future. How? A new central processing unit (CPU) will cost more than just a part or two. If you don't upgrade your system regularly to keep up with technological advances.

It is a Direct Macro commitment to ensure you have the best resources and technology as per your need. We've got you covered even if you have no idea what is a processor in a computer. Click the contact button, tell us what kind of computer processor you want, and then sit back and relax.

Determine Which Desktop Processor Is Best for You

The CPU in a desktop computer is identical to that in a laptop. The CPU (Central Processing Unit) handles every calculation that happens on your desktop. Which features should you look for in a desktop processor? Negotiating with Direct Macro for all your computer processor requirements would be best.

Our commitment to the best and most affordable prices is immovable. Enjoy flawless performance, impeccable efficiency, dependability, and superb computer processor speed. We made our website's layout and powerful search functionality with you in mind. Please find the exact computer processor you need by its model number or brand name. You can avoid lining up by using Direct Macro.

Common User Problems We Solve

What Types of Computer Processors Does Direct Macro Offer?

We offer CPUs from top manufacturers like AMD and Intel. Options range from dual core to multi core processors, suitable for casual gaming or intensive content creation.

How Do I Choose the Right Processor for My Gaming or Professional Needs?

Choosing the correct processor is essential, so think carefully about your demands. Those who are serious about gaming or content creation should prioritize CPUs with multiple cores and a high clock speed. When you contact our support team, we'll do all in our power to guide you toward a processor that not only fits your needs but also your budget.

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading to a High-Performance Processor?

If you frequently work with complex software or high-definition visuals, a CPU upgrade can be a game-changer. Our branded CPUs have high clock speeds and premium features for top performance and longevity.

Can Direct Macro Help Me if I’m Unsure About What Processor to Buy?

If you're unsure which processor to choose, our customer care team can assist you in selecting the best option based on your desire and preferences.

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  1. 88Y5647 - IBM 2.13GHz 6.40GT/s QPI 24MB Cache Xeon E7-2830 8 Core Processor Upgrade
  2. 23K4105 - IBM Processor Board for xSeries 366
  3. 00P3206 - IBM 1.45GHz 2-Way Power4+ Processor Board
  4. 09P0398 - IBM 1-Way 333MHz Power3-II Processor Card
  5. 03N5830 - IBM AS/400 520 Service Processor Card (FC 293A)
  6. 03N5802 - IBM 1.65GHz 2-Way Power5 CUOD CPU (FC 7830)
  7. 10N9281 - IBM Broadcom Service Processor Card CCIN 293A
  8. 10N6466 - IBM 1.9GHz 2-Way CPU 36MB Cache (FC 8312)
  9. 00P4050 - IBM 1.45GHz 2-Way POWER4+ Processor Board
  10. 10N8125 - IBM 2.10GHz 2-Core POWER5+ Processor Card (RS FC 8286)

5463 Products found

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What is the difference between processors and CPUs?

Processors can refer to any type of chip that processes information and comprises more components, such as CPU, BIOS, and memory access circuits. CPUs (central processing units) are a specific type of processor dedicated to executing computer program instructions.

What are the 3 types of CPUs?

The three types of CPUs are Single Core, Dual Core, and Multicore.

How many processors are in CPU?

A CPU has only one processor, but it can have multiple cores.

What is the best CPU brand?

There isn't a definitive "best" CPU brand, as performance depends on the use case and budget. However, AMD processors and Intel processors are the most trusted brands.

Which processor is used in CPU?

The main processor used in a CPU is called the Central Processing Unit.

What makes a good CPU?

A good CPU balances speed, core count, and power efficiency according to its intended purpose or application, ensuring smooth and efficient task execution, minimal latency, and reduced energy consumption. It should also effectively manage heat generation and dissipation through proper cooling systems for long-term reliability and stability. Additionally, compatibility with existing hardware and software ecosystems plays a important role in determining overall value and utility.

Can CPU run without thermal paste?

Yes, a CPU can technically run without thermal paste, but it's not recommended as it can lead to overheating and damage. If you want to know more about implications and types of thermal paste, you can find everything in The Best Thermal Paste 2024: Explaining The Right Amount And Application.